MSI Direct Response
1501 Westcliff Drive, Suite 307
Newport Beach, CA 92660-5519

If you have a question, please check the FAQ page first to see if the answer is there.

Email Support

We are happy to assist you and answer your questions. The following things are best done by email:

  • To get a quote on a new campaign, please send an email with a sample of your offer along with your expected quantities.
  • If your question requires the attention of someone other than the customer service person, please email it to us.
  • Changes to an order that's already being processed must be done by email. Send an email to find out what stage of fufillment an order is at so you can see if any changes are possible. You can phone as well to tip us off as soon as possible that you want to make a change.
  • If you receive a shipment that appears to be incorrect, please describe the problem in detail in an email.
Click on the link above to send an email.

Telephone Support

Sometimes a phone call is the fastest way to obtain information or clear up confusion. Our customer service phone person is here to assist you during regular business hours as listed near the top of this page.

If you have a question or concern that you need cleared up before you place an order or before you formally request a quote, don't hesitate to call. We want to make your ordering experience as easy and convenient as possible.

If your question requires the attention of a member of our design or production staff, we may not be able to answer it in that phone call. In that case, we will send the answer by email.

Telephone: 949-722-2524

Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST
 Monday through Friday

Fax: 949-650-0989

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